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Our Team


The Team at Bryant Real Estate has had the privilege of serving thousands of families Throughout the years in the Kansas City metro area. You can trust us because Kansas City is home.

Bryant Real Estate sought to accomplish these goals:

·       Increase homeownership

·       Educate prospective homebuyers; especially first-timers

·       Connect prospective homebuyers with reputable financial institutions


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Helen Bryant - Owner/Broker

Office: 816-523-1990

Direct: 816-797-2888

For 25 years, Helen Bryant the Lead Listing Specialist/Owner has helped people become homeowners and provided affordable options for her clients. She has the strong reputation of helping and treating people fair. For her, fair means making sure prospective homebuyers know what they are getting into. Homebuyers are steered to homebuyer education courses and credible lending sources that will explain the financial side.


LaDonna Ali

Office: 816-523-1990

Direct: 816-716-1314

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Amber Bryant

Office: 816-523-1990

Direct: 816-853-7324

Charles Clark

Office: 816-523-1990

Direct: 816-550-3149

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Victor Frederick - Broker/Sales Executive

Office: 816-523-1990

Direct: 913-631-2244

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Leon Gray

Office: 816-523-1990

Direct: 816-916-6487


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Lisa Kearney - Broker/Sales Executive

Office: 816-523-1990

Mobile: 816-309-9547

Dorothy Perry

Office: 816-523-1990

Direct: 816-456-1096